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Elektroniczny System Opłat Członkowskich

Elektroniczny System Opłat Członkowskich

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The Morgagni Prize

29 Maj 2020

The Morgagni Prize is now hosted by EASD and as such, is included in the European prestigious prizes awarded at the EASD annual congress.

Servier has supported the Morgagni Prize for more than 20 years, since its foundation in Padova (Italy), and still remains the only sponsor of this award.

The Morgagni Prize is awarded to investigators in the field of clinical research, clinical physiology and metabolism, based in Europe having received their highest degree (PhD, MD, DMD, DVM, or equivalent) no more than 10 (basic scientist) or 15 (clinician) years before 1 January in the year the Award is assigned.

Selection of the awardees will be made by a high-profile Committee and it will be based on research work performed in the above fields of investigation as well as on a biennial plan of investigation. The awardees will be announced during the EASD Annual Meeting in 2020 and will deliver a lecture, named in honour of Giovanni Battista Morgagni, at the EASD Annual Meeting in the year 2022. This lecture should include results of research activities over the prior 2 years and information on how the Prize has supported the research plan.

Please, note that the awardee will receive a grant of 50 000 euros, and will get the opportunity to renew this grant for a second consecutive year if his/her research work has complied with the plans announced when he/she was awarded.

The deadline for submitting application is 15th June 2020.

Detailed information is available on the EASD website:

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